Cartridge Bag Filter Systems

Cartridge filters are available in vari ous lengths and materials of construction A cartridge filter’s flow is in the opposite direction of a bag filter — from the outside in. This requires that the construction of a cartridge filter be strong enough to have a core with a high burst strength and does not rely on the filter vessel itself for compression strength. Filter alignment rods either tempo rary are usually included with a cartridge vessel to assist with installation and removal. These alignment rods allow the filter to slide and be guided over a rod or shaft and become increasingly important to support the filter and help with changeout if the filter vessel is horizontal or on an angle. Orientation of the cartridge filter vessel can be based upon available plot area or the need to reduce the physical height of long-length cartridge vessels to help with access during removal, replacement, and aid with liquid drain age before filter changeout. Cartridge filters can be built with metal end caps and other high-temperature (450°F)solvent-resistant materials. We have supplied numerous Cartridge Filter System using Pulse Jet technology for various applications and gas volumes ranging from 1000 m3/hr to 12000 m3/hr.