Rapper Plugner

The system developed for MIGISCAN ESP controller for gravity operated plunger Rapper has the following block modules using embedded Processor as per client specification a. High power thyristor based (R & Y) MIGI rapper controller b. Menu driven software for complete automation setup c. MIGI rapper selection using high powered contractors d. Real time generation for real time RAPPER firing application e. Load current measurement & current feedback analysis for error table generation f. Rapper selection indication using rows & columns LED in front panel. g. Sum alarm circuitry for annunciation purpose h. Intelligent communication using RS485 MOD BUS protocol for external data transfer i. Optical isolation for all input & output data handling j. Interactive visual display for set & running parameters using liquid crystal display. k. Din rail setup arrangement for control outputs & feed back inputs & Communication o/p l. Transformer isolation for mother board circuitry & the rest of the circuitry.